2016-2017 Lariettes



Lariettes Officers & Team Win "Best in Class"

at ADTS Galveston Island Festival

Competition Results from ADTS Galveston Festival

Stephanie Wendt, 4th Runner-up
Addison Davis & Kristen Lason, 3rd Runner-up
Sarah Wales, 2nd Runner-up
Lisette Hotz, Winner

Gussie Nell Davis Award
Judge's Award - Jazz, Novelty, Contemporary
Platinum Award for Outstanding Merit in the 4 major categories: Technique, Precision, Presentation, and Choreography
Winner of Large Team Division
2nd Place Overall

Gussie Nell Davis Award
Judge's Award - Jazz, Contemporary, Pom
Platinum Award for Outstanding Merit in the 4 major categories: Technique, Precision, Presentation, Choreography
Winner of Large Team Division
4th Place Overall



Lariettes are Headed South to Compete

in ADTS Galveston Island Festival



Lariettes Win "Grand Champions"

at Crowd Pleasers Showcase

Competition Results from

Crowd Pleasers DFW Showcase at Timber Creek HS

11th Grade Senior Soloists
6th Runner-up - Michelle Barker
4th Runner-up - Stephanie Wendt
1st Runner-up - Kristen Lason
Winner - Sarah Wales

12th Grade Senior Soloists
4th Runner-up Adrienne Allen

Super Sweepstakes (Three routines received an average score of 90 or higher)
Best in Class Officer Contemporary
Best in Class Officer Jazz
Best in Class Officer Novelty
Outstanding Artistry Award - Officer Contemporary
Grand Champion Officers
Showcase Elite
Overall 2nd Place Officers

Super Sweepstakes (three routines received an average score of 90 or higher)
Best in Class Team Contemporary
Best in Class Team Jazz
1st Runner-up Team Pom
Grand Champion Team
Showcase Elite

CONGRATULATIONS to the Silver Stars! They were JV Champs!


Lariettes Salute Their Seniors!

Lariette Seniors were asked to share what they have learned or enjoyed while being a Lariette. Here is what our Seniors had to say.

(Left to Right)

Kathryn Rohe -
Kara Williams - Being a Lariette has taught me how to take pride in my school and those around me. I have learned to work through tough situations by bonding as a team and dancing in the face of adversity. My fondest memories include the little moments where us girls would make jokes, sing songs, and play games that lighten the mood of any practice. I will hold on to all my lariette memories for the rest of my life.
Jordan Frye - Lariettes has brought me closer to so many people. It has shown me how to become a better dancer and be a great team member. Also I loved getting to expiernce New York for the first time sophomore year.
Emily Sigler - I have learned a lot about dance and have enjoyed doing so. I have also loved making new friends and creating new memories.
Emma Saiter - Football season is what I've loved about being a Lariette. Its so much fun to go to games on Friday's and watch the team play and perform during halftime! I've gotten to know the girls I sit next to in stand seating really well; they're always hilarious during the game. Its so satisfying to have a goal every week during practice and then see our work come together on Friday nights.
Kamryn Higdem - Lariettes has been such a learning experience. The team is so welcoming. It has showed me how to work with other people, and be more outgoing. The inspiring team spirit throughout all three years has been such a joy to be around.
Adrienne Allen - Out of all the things I have enjoyed about Lariettes, the most rewarding has been the friendships I have made throughout the years. There's a special place in my heart for my teammates, and I have been so privileged to spend early mornings and late nights with each and every one of them!
Ellie Manning - My favorite thing about being a Lariette has to be the friendship and community I have experienced over the three years. I made my best friends on this team and I've loved sharing some of my favorite memories with them!
Hannah Yao - I have enjoyed all the end of year trips. By that time of year, I feel the whole team truly becomes a family and we all have a great time!
Gracie Webb - I have enjoyed the friendships that I have made and the experiences that have occurred in my three years. I loved dancing in the rain with my teammates for band practice. The feeling of dancing on the field under the Friday lights has given me memories I will never forget.
Harli Henderson - I have met all my closest friends through Lariettes and it has made my experience in high school so fun and eventful.

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