2018-2019 Senior Memories

2019 Lariette Senior Class

2019 Senior Class Overall Picture


At the November 2nd football game for the Coppell Cowboys,  Senior Night will be celebrated.  Fourteen Senior Lariettes are included in those honored at the last home football game of the season.  The Lariettes were asked to share what they have enjoyed about their years as a part of the drill team.  Here are their responses:

Back Row:

Miyabi Zaizen

Mary Urias As a Lariette I have enjoyed spending almost every Friday in the fall performing in Friday Night Lights.  I have truly enjoyed waking up early in the morning and getting to dance with some of my closest friends first thing of the day.

Saige Culler I have enjoyed being a Lariette because it has taught me the significance of diligence and responsibility. We always come before school prepared to work hard and be professional. Every girl is accountable for learning material and showing up with a good attitude. I love that I can always count on the Lariettes to provide a positive and compassionate atmosphere in my life.

Amanda Lasky Being a Lariette made me feel a part of the CHS community. It gave me a group of friends that made high school truly enjoyable. I will have so many fond memories to look back on because of the numerous giggle fits, trips, and early morning practices. 

Madeleine Haydek Lariettes has given me to opportunity to make so many new friends. I have made some of my best friends through this team and having the opportunity to travel and make memories with my teammates is something I have truly enjoyed. Not everyday in practice is perfect, but my teammates make all of the harder days worth it in the end.

Samantha Beck

Penelope Ackling

Sadie Patrick

Front Row:

Ashley Park

Gemma Schmidt Being a Lariette has brought me so many amazing friends that I could not have made it through high school without. I have enjoyed performing on the field on Friday nights, and really being a part of the school spirit. I love my team and I'm so sad I'm leaving them soon!!

Elliott McFarlane I have enjoyed being a Lariette because it has allowed me to make my closest friends in high school. I have loved having a chance to dance at halftime with my team, as well as cheering on the cowboys each week. I have learned how to work well as a member of a team and be organized. I loved getting to spend time with my team outside of practice and build relationships that will last for a long time. The thing I have enjoyed the most about Lariettes is all the team bonding that we have done over the past three years.  

Ally Temple I've really enjoyed the community that Lariettes offers. Especially the relationships I've been able to make and grow in are something that are so special and something that I am grateful for and really enjoy. 

Sara Kim Throughout my three years on Lariettes, what I have enjoyed most has definitely been the friends and memories I have made through the organization. Lariettes has given me an opportunity to pursue my love for dance at school, however, what really made it worthwhile was the people I met along the way. The past and present Lariettes that I have gotten to know are all special in their own way and it has been so rewarding to experience all the highs and lows of high school together.

Addison Davis My favorite thing about being a Lariette is the friendships. The relationships I have made this year and the past 3 years are the strongest relationships I have. These girls have seen me through the best and worst of times, yet still choose to love and support me through everything. We are all in this together and I am so glad that I am surrounded by the most loving and unique group of girls who never fail to keep me laughing.


Lariettes Welcome New Director

Lariettes Welcome New Director

Coppell ISD announced Diane Craig will join the Cowboy family as Lariette Director. Ms. Craig has a passion for sharing Dance with teens. Dance Team allows her to promote community service, team work and lady like conduct in a team environment creating a dance family and sisterhood.

Diane Craig

Ms. Craig is excited to embark upon this new adventure with Coppell High School. She looks forward creating relationships with the Coppell Lariettes and their families.  

Spring Social 18-19

Lariettes Kick off the New Year at Spring Social

18-19 Lariette New Members
New Lariette Members for the 18-19 Season

The Lariettes celebrated the new Team at their Annual Spring Social held on  Tuesday, May 15, at the CHS Commons.  The social was highlighted with the introduction of 19 new team members for the 18-19 school year.   The Line Officers and Social Officers were also inducted by the outgoing officers.

18-19 Lariette Line Officers
Lariette Line Officers
18-19 Lariette Social Officers
Lariette Social Officers




Senor Locos

New Lariettes Celebrate at Señor Locos

Senor Locos Celebrations


After auditions the new Lariettes for the 2018-19 school year celebrated at Señor Locos.