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Lariette History

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In 1961 Coppell High School was established along with many traditional organizations. After the drill team was established in 1964, the team name toggled between; Cowbelles, Cowgirls, and Crimson Belles through the years 1964 to 1985. The drill team performed as a part of the band’s half-time show before going out and performing their own routine. They also twirled batons!


Through the years, various CHS female educators were sponsors of the group and helped grow the program. In 1984 the drill team officially named Jan Ferris as their director. Under Ferris's direction, CHS US History teacher and Lariette Dad, Jim Griffin suggest the name “Lariettes” for the team. In 1986, the Lariettes gained a new director by the name of Pam Draper. Draper created the first fringe look that lasted up until the opening of what we now know Coppell High School to be today in 1989.


In the fall of '89, the Lariettes were, once again, under new direction. Debbie Lynd came into the scene ready to make the Lariettes the most prestigious drill team in the DFW area. Lynd was a very well respected director and had very high expectations for her precision drill team. The Lariettes won many competition awards in jazz, military and kick. Many traditions were developed under her direction including the official Lariette uniform that is still worn today. Lynd also created the Lariettes biggest annual fundraiser, Spaghetti Dinner in 1990. The Lariette logo, known as "the boot", was created by LSO members in 1992. Debbie Lynd left an impact on the teams she led and said farewell in the spring of 1999 handing over the reins to Kari (Hoexema) Korth.



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